Wednesday, 12 October 2016

John Haag - The Value of Higher Education

John Haag, a successful financial professional, has multiple degrees and an excellent education. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of North Texas and specialized in accounting. He graduated with his degree in 1981, and then went on to enroll in an advanced program. He earned a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University and has taken psychology courses at the California Institute of Integral Studies. 

A degree can be a valuable tool for professionals in a number of different industries. Attending a college or a university offers students the opportunity to learn about different subjects and meet new people. Earning a degree can be the first step in building a successful career. College can be a great place to start networking as well. Students can build connections with their professors, which could lead to internship opportunities and potential employment opportunities. 

An advanced degree can be an important tool for career advancement as well. A Master of Business Administration or another type of master’s degree can help you advance your career. Many schools offer online courses as well as traditional courses for advanced business degrees. If you already have an established career, an advanced degree may help your climb through your company. 

Higher education can offer individuals a variety of career opportunities. Many professionals choose to pursue advanced degrees so that they can develop a broad skillset in their industry. John Haag is an intelligent and driven professional who has earned several degrees. He enjoys learning and developing his knowledge.