Friday, 23 September 2016

John Haag - Three Facts About Venture Capitalism

John Haag earned a business degree from the University of North Texas and then a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University. He studied psychology and philosophy at the California Institute of Integral Studies as well. He has experience in accounting and in turnaround management. He is the managing partner of CallisterHaag Consulting, LLC in California. As a consultant, he helps venture capitalists and CEOs improve their companies and their business management skills.

The term ‘venture capital’ refers to the financing that investors provide small businesses and startup companies. Investors may choose to put their funds into in a small company because they believe that it has growth potential. Investor groups that work in venture capitalism can experience either great profits or great losses from their investments.

Venture capitalist groups, like other companies, require organization. CallisterHaag Consulting, LLC offers a number of services for venture capitalists. The consultants with this firm analyze financial conditions and projections. They observe team behaviors and find issues and problems within the company.

Venture capitalism can help small companies succeed. A startup or small company can approach a venture capitalist group to request funding. The first step is for the startup to submit a business plan. The venture capitalist group will then do their due diligence and conduct research into the startup company. If the research process goes well, the venture capitalists may decide to invest and support the company. John Haag started his career as a consultant and developed his skills as a business professional. He works with venture capitalists and provides them with the tools they need to succeed.