Friday, 24 June 2016

John Haag - Working With Clients Around the World

John Haag is a financial consultant who is based in San Francisco. Over the course of his twenty-year career as a consultant, he has worked with clients all over the United States, as well as in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa, helping to change their businesses and prevent financial crises. The internet allows people in many different industries to work with clients around the world easily. There are many benefits to opening up your business to international clients if you have the capacity.

By working with international clients through the internet and phone, you can bring your skills to new markets and attract a huge amount of new business. If you limit yourself to just clients in your geographical area, you are closing yourself off to many business opportunities that could be amazing for potential growth. Once you work with a few international or long-distance clients, you can build a reputation online for your services, both through word-of-mouth and advertising. Telecommuting with long-distance clients may also eventually lead to amazing travel opportunities.

There are many different industries that lend themselves to telecommuting. Any type of consulting is a great option if you would like to work with a wide range of clients, because you can communicate all of the necessary information online. Skype is an amazing tool for having face-to-face interviews and meetings from halfway around the world. You can now deliver the same results through the internet that you would in person. John Haag frequently consults with clients around the world.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

John Haag - What to Look For When Renting a Family Home

John Haag is one of San Francisco’s most successful financial management consultants. He has lived in the Bay Area for over twenty years, and is no stranger to renting residential properties. Because of San Francisco’s extremely high population density, the housing market is extremely competitive and expensive. It can be very difficult for families to find a place to rent, but with some strategizing, you can find a beautiful single family home that meets your needs. Here’s what to consider when renting a home.

- Space: The most important thing for families to think about is the amount of space that the home provides. It is crucial that everyone in the home has enough space to live comfortably. In high-density cities such as San Francisco, it can be more difficult to find spacious homes and apartments, but with some creativity you can make it work.

- Safety: It is also important to consider how safe the home is. The home should be both internally safe (structurally sound, no plumbing or electrical issues) and externally safe (minimal crime in the neighborhood). It is always worth paying a little more for safety.

- Proximity to work and school: You’ll want to make sure that you can get to work or school relatively easily – it’s not worth it to live somewhere inexpensive if you are spending all of your money on gas or train fare.

- Value for money: It is important to compare many different homes before making a decision to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. Don’t settle for paying too much for a home that doesn’t meet your needs.