Sunday, 15 May 2016

John Haag - The Benefits of Biotechnology

While working as the Chief Operating Partner of Presidio Partners, John Haag worked with the firm as they invested in a number of biotech initiatives. Many people misunderstand the many advantages that biotechnology offers, with the below being some of the most important that you should keep in mind.

Healthier Plants

Biotechnology can be used to improve the health of plants in a variety of ways. In addition to making them immune to many viruses and pests, the technology is also capable of making them hardier, which means that they last longer while also retaining their flavors for larger periods of time. This is particularly useful given the high demand for quality fruits and vegetables in the United States and beyond.

Fewer Pesticides

Plants that have been enhanced through the use of biotechnology will often develop resistance traits that reduces the need for the use of pesticides. This is particularly important for those who are wary about chemicals causing issues with their food that could end up impacting their health. In an increasingly health-conscious world, this is an issue that many people have become aware of.


John Haag notes that biotechnology has a range of uses that extend far beyond the protection and continued health of plants. The technology can also be used in the development of pharmaceuticals, such as the creation of human insulin for those who suffer from diabetes. As a result, biotechnology is capable of saving lives and providing medicines that allow doctors to offer a higher standard of care to their patients.