Sunday, 1 May 2016

John Haag - Advantages of Investing In Single-Family Homes

John Haag has worked closely with a number of companies to help them make sound investments that benefit the businesses in the long-term. Those who are looking to develop strong real estate portfolios often struggle with the decision between investing in single or multi-family homes. Here are some of the benefits of going down the single-family route.

Better Appreciation

By and large, single-family homes have a tendency to increase in value far more readily than multi-family properties, such as condominiums. This is largely down to the fact that potential buyers are wary of paying more for properties that are also going to require them to spend on maintenance costs, which is less of an issue for single-family homes.

Fewer Outside Restrictions

Investing in homes in a multi-family building may lead to you having to deal with a range of outside restrictions that you wouldn’t have to face when investing in single-family homes. For example, if you have invested in a number of condo units, you may find that you struggle to rent some of the units out if the current unit rental occupancy in the building is quite high.

Lower Cost of Ownership

John Haag specializes in helping organizations that are looking to invest achieve the highest returns possible. The cost of ownership is important when investing in a property and you will need to consider the fact that many multi-family investments will also come with a range of fees and maintenance costs that you will not need to factor into your investment if you focus on single-family homes.