Tuesday, 31 May 2016

John Haag - Traits That An Effective Accountant Needs

Though he started studying to be a jazz musician when he first entered the University of North Texas, John Haag eventually switched his focus to accounting and has gone on to enjoy a decades-long career in the financial sector. Effective accountants must have a number of key traits that ensure they provide the level of service that clients expect, including all of the following.

A Thirst For Knowledge
The financial industry is constantly evolving, which means that those within it must be capable of adjusting to new rules and regulations on a regular basis. Accountants who don’t have a thirst for knowledge often end up providing outdated information, which does a disservice to clients at best and may get them into trouble at worst.

Detail Oriented
Accuracy is highly-prized in accountants, so those who are aiming to be successful must be detail-oriented. The numbers that they are working with need to be accurate and any calculations that they make must be checked and checked again in order to ensure they are correct. Due diligence is something that should come as second nature to an accountant.

Communication Skills
John Haag has been successful for so many years because he understands the importance of strong communication skills. Accountants must place their clients at the forefront, making the effort to communicate issues to them as soon as they arise. Those who wait for clients to contact them often find that the trust they have built begins to falter and they fail to provide the level of service that their clients expected.

Monday, 23 May 2016

John Haag - Financial Management Tips For Small Businesses

John Haag is an experienced business executive who has worked with a number of start-up businesses to help them to develop financial plans. For example, he is the former Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer if GETMEDIA, Inc., which was an internet start-up when he started working for the company. He was responsible for ensuring the company managed its finances effectively, with the following pointers being useful for anybody who needs to do the same.

Outline Your Budget

Every new business needs to fully-understand how much they have to spend so that they can keep better track of their expenses. Create a realistic budget that covers every expense that is in your business plan and then, most importantly, make sure that you stick to it. Losing track of your budget leads to over expenditure that could place the company in jeopardy.

Substance Over Style

Many new businesses try to be as flashy as possible in an effort to make an impression in the community and establish themselves quickly. Fiscally-responsible businesses, however, will understand that the services that they provide will always take precedent and will use these to build their reputations slowly and surely, in-line with their budgets.

Intelligent Hiring Practices

John Haag helped GETMEDIA, Inc., establish the financial practices that the company would need to achieve success. It is important to consider staff expansion when managing a business’s finances, as unnecessary costs can be avoided if you don’t rush to bring in new people as you grow. Consider every hire carefully and be sure that the extra work caused by expansion can’t be handled internally.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

John Haag - The Benefits of Biotechnology

While working as the Chief Operating Partner of Presidio Partners, John Haag worked with the firm as they invested in a number of biotech initiatives. Many people misunderstand the many advantages that biotechnology offers, with the below being some of the most important that you should keep in mind.

Healthier Plants

Biotechnology can be used to improve the health of plants in a variety of ways. In addition to making them immune to many viruses and pests, the technology is also capable of making them hardier, which means that they last longer while also retaining their flavors for larger periods of time. This is particularly useful given the high demand for quality fruits and vegetables in the United States and beyond.

Fewer Pesticides

Plants that have been enhanced through the use of biotechnology will often develop resistance traits that reduces the need for the use of pesticides. This is particularly important for those who are wary about chemicals causing issues with their food that could end up impacting their health. In an increasingly health-conscious world, this is an issue that many people have become aware of.


John Haag notes that biotechnology has a range of uses that extend far beyond the protection and continued health of plants. The technology can also be used in the development of pharmaceuticals, such as the creation of human insulin for those who suffer from diabetes. As a result, biotechnology is capable of saving lives and providing medicines that allow doctors to offer a higher standard of care to their patients.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

John Haag - Advantages of Investing In Single-Family Homes

John Haag has worked closely with a number of companies to help them make sound investments that benefit the businesses in the long-term. Those who are looking to develop strong real estate portfolios often struggle with the decision between investing in single or multi-family homes. Here are some of the benefits of going down the single-family route.

Better Appreciation

By and large, single-family homes have a tendency to increase in value far more readily than multi-family properties, such as condominiums. This is largely down to the fact that potential buyers are wary of paying more for properties that are also going to require them to spend on maintenance costs, which is less of an issue for single-family homes.

Fewer Outside Restrictions

Investing in homes in a multi-family building may lead to you having to deal with a range of outside restrictions that you wouldn’t have to face when investing in single-family homes. For example, if you have invested in a number of condo units, you may find that you struggle to rent some of the units out if the current unit rental occupancy in the building is quite high.

Lower Cost of Ownership

John Haag specializes in helping organizations that are looking to invest achieve the highest returns possible. The cost of ownership is important when investing in a property and you will need to consider the fact that many multi-family investments will also come with a range of fees and maintenance costs that you will not need to factor into your investment if you focus on single-family homes.