Monday, 11 April 2016

John Haag - Venture Capital Expert

John Haag has many years of experience working with companies and venture capitalists to help them make the best decisions possible for their business. Haag is a Managing Partner of CallisterHaag, a business consulting firm dedicated to helping companies and venture capitalists mitigate risks and dig themselves out of potentially difficult situations. Haag and his team work closely with companies to help them stay away from risky decisions and bankruptcy. One of the services he and his team offer to venture capitalists is financial analysis of all investments and reinvestments in portfolio companies, as well as information gathering.

John Haag has worked beyond the basics of venture capital investments for many years. He built his experience around his expertise in managing portfolio companies and their initial investments. Strictly speaking, venture capital is a type of equity financing that gets entrepreneurial companies their funding needs. These companies cannot seek capital investments from public markets and banks for various reasons such as size, assets, and the stage of development they are in. John Haag works to help these venture capital organizations find the right investment opportunities and helps companies secure venture capital investments from investors. Haag has helped many companies in need of more investment from venture capitalists and others through his extensive network of connections in the large business community in San Francisco and beyond.

John Haag has worked with a great number of companies both looking for sound investments and those looking for capital venture investments from others. He lives and works in San Francisco.