Friday, 1 April 2016

John Haag - Experienced Turnaround Manager

John Haag is an experienced turnaround manager and Managing Partner of the firm CallisterHaag in San Francisco. CallisterHaag works with companies close to bankruptcy to help them rebound and return to solvency again. Haag has decades of experience working with large businesses and financial institutions in the United States and elsewhere around the world. Haag’s job as a turnaround manager involves turning around the fortunes of companies that have begun to sink into steep decline. Turnaround managers are professionals who help businesses turn their fortunes around.

Whether by market forces they can’t control of mistakes made by personnel or management, companies run into trouble in their market sectors frequently. John Haag and turnaround managers like him are often hired by companies in trouble to help them figure out why their sales are tanking before it’s too late. Usually, turnaround managers like John Haag gather business data for analysis, then, when all of their data is collected and analyzed, they set forth long-term strategic plans, sometimes involving restructuring and massive overhaul. These strategies are not easy to implement, but turnaround managers don’t make their recommendations and planning lightly. Sometimes they have no choice but to file for bankruptcy if no other solution can be found. Turnaround managers usually don’t like to admit defeat with a company, but at times it’s what’s best for the company and its investors.

John Haag has helped many companies avoid bankruptcy and has made bankruptcy filings on behalf of companies when all other options are exhausted. He leverages extensive experience in the business world with creative, dynamic leadership to get clients and help them turn their businesses around.